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Homepage / Things to Do in Hue City

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Things to Do in Hue

Due to its high student population, it is considered a University town and with the young generation ruling the roost here, there is a fantabulous choice of things to do in Hue, Vietnam. However, one must not mistake the vibrancy of the city for obnoxious. Life has picked itself up from the ruins of the war and is moving ahead, though not at as frantic a pace as in Hanoi or Saigon.

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Nightlife in Hue

The tranquility of the capital city of Hue remains unruffled even in the late hours of the night as nightlife in Hue is very low key, as there are only four or five actual bars in the city that play host to the late sleepers in the wee hours of night. Apart from these bars, there are a few garden or travelers’ cafes. It is for this reason alone that most visitors will find themselves in bed and asleep long before midnight.

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Shopping in Hue

Shopping in Hue is typically characterized by the Vietnamese local market tradition, where the artisanship and culture offered is more than usually found elsewhere. The merchandise sold is Hue is similar to those available in other places in Vietnam, but what sets shopping in Hue apart from shopping in the rest of the country is that the highly regarded cultural souvenirs are more prominent here. Thus, it is the best place to collect souvenirs.

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Entertainment in Hue

Speaking about entertainment in Hue, while clinging to the banks of the Perfume River, the royal city of Hue retains a regal air with its many elegant architectural relics of the past as well as an innate vibrancy with its many dance and music clubs.

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Sport in Hue

This fervor is well percolated to every region of the country and almost the total population enjoys its team success. Sports in Hue, a city in Vietnam has made strong presence in the society and people turn frenzy whenever a major sporting event takes place in the city. They simply soak into the fever of the happenings.

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Adventure Sports in Hue

The lives of the Vietnamese have always been very adventurous and the country is blessed with the topography which consists of one of the most varied landscapes that provides many opportunities for the adventure sports. The city of Hue too provides the landmarks where the best of the adventure sports can be organized. As a matter of fact adventure sports in Hue are as famous as the cultural heritage of the city.

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Bars and Pubs in Hue

Bars and pubs in Hue are the best place to enjoy the nightlife of Hue which is filled with surprises. Apart from enjoying your favorite drink you can also get the chance of getting in touch with the locals and get to learn about Hue’s local culture.

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Chu Van An Street Shopping Hue

Have a great shopping experience at Chu Van An Street, Hue. This lane is one of the best places to shop in this Vietnamese city. Whether seeking for fashionable clothes or shoes, or souvenirs, jewelry, books or anything else like works of art by a few local talents, the street will give you an plenty scope to look for that and get the actual thing.

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Cinemas in Hue

Cinema in Vietnam dates back to the early years of 1920s and the present day scenario has changed completely. Cinema in Hue, one of the most beautiful cities of Vietnam too has changed a lot and is now more equipped for a better show to the audience.

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Den dau Street Hue

Some Hue shopping streets are the ideal place for young boys watching the beautiful young girls passing by shop to shop and dreaming of a possible romance! Den dau Street, Hue is like that kind of hub where along with lots of stalls and shop-front houses you can also come across the local guys sitting idly in coffee shops and watching passers by.

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Dong Ba Market Hue

One of the must see sites in Hue is Dong Ba Market. Roaming around this food market would add new color to your visit to this Vietnamese city. Dong Ba Market in Old Hue is near the position where the Dong Ba Canal merges with the Perfume River. If you want to know certain things regarding Vietnamese food or culture, you must come to this place. What consists in the attraction towards this market is the preservation of ancient distinctiveness. Dong Ba Market is near the eastern corner of the Citadel.

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Football in Hue

It is known to everyone that the popularity of Football knows no bounds. The popularity curve is always on the escalating side. Fans go frenzy over the game. The popularity has engulfed whole of the world and Vietnam is no exception. The popularity of the sports has percolated to every province of the country and has managed to sneak through in every possible household.

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Le Loi Street Hue

During your visit to Hue, if you come across Le Loi Street you will experience life vibrating with extra energy. Hawkers and shop owners selling stationery art works and souvenirs adjusting the display of their goods are the general view of this busy street. Passers by going through newspapers, having coffee; taxi drivers asking everyone for ride; foreigners looking for

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Mai Thuc Loan Street Hue

Hue shopping is typified by the Vietnamese local market practice with more offerings of craftsmanship and culture than is usually found elsewhere. Mai Thuc Loan Street, Hue is one of those places in this Vietnamese city where you will find highly regarded cultural souvenirs along with a range of goods typical of other places. Make a visit; Hue conical hats are famous here.

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Major Sports venues in Hue

Hue has carved its name in the list of the famous cities for its eternal beauty and the historic importance. The city is visited by thousands for its architectural splendor, grand buildings and venues. Over the years the city has gradually developed as a major tourist attraction in Vietnam and now is gradually coming up as a major sporting attraction as well. Major Sport’s venues in Hue are now coming which has definitely helped in the growth of sports in the province.

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Martial Arts in Hue

Martial arts in Hue have developed gradually as it has in Vietnam. The locals just not take martial arts as a sport but it has become a part and parcel of their daily life. It is a discipline which is followed as a religion in the city.

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Music Clubs & Theatres in Hue

Hue, traditionally a city known for its cultural vigor and architectural splendor, has charmed millions through the ages. The city has always been famous for its cultural heritage and panache for traditions. Even today tourism of Hue is largely dependent on the cultural richness and the powerhouse of performances it dishes out in the form of performing arts to its visitors. The Music clubs and the Theaters in Hue have played a pivotal role in the development of these arts in the city. The city hosts a plethora of amphitheaters to promote the local culture to the world.

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Phan Dang Luu street Hue

Phan Dang Luu Street, Hue is Hue’s premier, retail fashion district and is widely recognized as Hue’s style capital - at the cutting edge of fashion and style. Not only does it house a string of fashion shops, but also has several souvenir shops and galleries along its lanes and by lanes.

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Night Clubs in Hue

Night Clubs in Hue are one of the favorite spots for tourists from all over the globe. After having a thorough visit of the important destinations and attractions of the Hue city, you may seek for having an experience of the Hue nightlife. For that reason, this Vietnamese city houses many a nightclubs where DJs perform to add a thrill and excitement to your enjoyment.

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Tran Hung Dao street Hue

Shopping in Tran Hung Dao street, Hue gives tourists a flavor of the Vietnamese local market tradition where apart from the exceptional craftsmanship on offer they can also experience the rich cultural legacy of the country. The local shopkeepers offer visitors a memorably warm hospitality and friendliness. Although you must remember to haggle, do not loose your temper while doing so as it is considered a loss at both sides.

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