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Homepage / Hoi An Restaurants

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What & where to Eat in Hoi An

Hoi An is famous tourist spot in Vietnam. It is a very tiny town with loads of tourist attractions. Besides that the bounties of nature and the peaceful ambiance also attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. However, another thing that attracts visitors to Hoi An is the local cuisine.

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BoBo Café in Hoi An

If you are looking for a delicious local cuisine in Hoi An, Vietnam, the BoBo Café, Hoi An is the right place for you. The restaurant is very popular among the tourists for its special dishes and the unique blending of different national and international cuisines. The BoBo Café is located in the 18 Le Loi Street in Hoi An.

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Hai Scout Café in Hoi An

Hoi An in vienam is a little town, which is famous for its tourist attractions and scenic beauties. The town is also known for its precious cuisine. Different types of national and international dishes are available in the local restaurants. However, among all the restaurants, the Hai Scout Café, Hoi An is the most famous one according too the visitors.

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Miss Ly Cafeteria in Hoi An

Feeling tired is obvious while traveling through a place. However if when you are in Hoi An, Vietnam, you don’t need to worry about anything especially about food. Whenever you feel hungry you can visit the nearest restaurant in Hoi An. Miss Ly Cafeteria, Hoi An is one of the best restaurants in the small town of Hoi An.

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Treats Bar & Café in Hoi An

Serving Vietnamese and international cuisine on its platter, the Treats Bar & Café, Hoi An is almost like an alien in the Tran Phu Street, Quang Nam. This is because of its ambiance and its loud music, which does not suit the silence of the environment.

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Vinh Hung Restaurant in Hoi An

In Hoi An there are numerous eateries for the tourists. Many visitors come to Hoi An just for the tasty food of the place. Dining in Hoi An has really a unique charm. The Vinh Hung Restaurant, Hoi An is one of the many famous restaurants in the small town. The restaurant provides delicious menus with different types of cuisines such as Italian food,

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Vung Tau Restaurant in Hoi An

The prices of these food items are also not very high in the Vung Tau Restaurant, Hoi An. People from all classes can afford to dine in this beautiful restaurant in Hoi An. So go ahead and dip your fingers in the delicious dishes to have the real taste of Hoi An, Vietnam.

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Bale Well Restaurant in Hoi An

Bale Well is the epitome of local dining, but they’re quite used to foreign visitors and make you feel right at home. This is your chance to experience squat stools and dining at street-side, but with a good standard of cleanliness ensured. The meal is simple: a set menu of nem nuong, the kind of spring rolls that you make yourself, rolling chicken, beef, or pork with fresh greens and condiments into sheets of rice paper

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Brother`s Café in Hoi An

Serving similar fine Vietnamese fare as its sister restaurant in Hanoi (but here it’s a la carte, not buffet), Brother’s Café is the town’s top choice for cuisine and atmosphere. A bland street-side facade gives way to the lush, garden sanctuary formed by this grand U-shape colonial by the river.

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Café des Amis in Hoi An

What’s on the menu? There isn’t one. It’s your choice of a set menu, either seafood or vegetarian, and the details are, well, a surprise. And the surprise is always good; one of the best meals in Vietnam, if you ask me. But don’t ask me. Read the straight dope from the many guests who come and sign their endorsements

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Goda Restaurant in Hoi An

Located on Cua Dai Street about halfway between the town and beach, it’s a good stop on the way back from the beach for coffee. Bad English writing on the menu about the philosophy of the place, with far too many adjectives, begs for editing. Offer to do it and they’ll buy you a drink. Goda is a good laid-back place to meet

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Hoi An Cargo Club and Patisserie

Ms. Vy expands her Hoi An empire with a unique, open-air patisserie and French cafe. This stylish storefront serves light meals in a lounge bar on the first floor and, upstairs, is a refined restaurant specializing in contemporary Vietnamese cuisine.

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Hai San (Sea Foods) Restaurant in Hoi An

Hai-san means seafood in Vietnamese and hello in Swedish. The owners, longtime Swedish expat Calle and Hoa, his Vietnamese wife, offer just that: Hello, seafood! This is one of the few spots on Hang Bac that doesn’t need to try to drag you in because it’s the food that brings folks here. I had a delicious grilled, marinated tuna filet with ginger, garlic,

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Mango Rooms in Hoi An

Try the likes of La Tropicana, a chicken breast with lemon grass and garlic, the Asian Sins of rice noodles pan-fried with vegetables, garlic, onion, and sweet basil, or seared tuna in rice paper. There are fresh-fish specials daily. The drink list is long, and you can’t stump the Italian barman. Try the delicious sticky rice with mango for dessert.

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Omar’s Indian Restaurant in Hoi An

or a good infusion of garlic and spices to kick-start your immune system, Omar’s is the place. What they lack in atmosphere -- just a busy storefront -- they make up for with affordable, authentic Indian cuisine. Welcome to Omar`s Indian Restaurant in Hoi An Ancient Town Vietnam.

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Song Hoai, The Saigon Times Club in Hoi An

They serve regional dishes like Hanoi cha ca and mi quang wide noodles. Presentation is arguably the classiest in town, with fine china, stemware, and lacquered dishes on linen, and the service is professional if a bit hovering. A good choice for a romantic evening of fine dining, Hoi An-style. Welcome to Song Hoai Restaurant in Hoi An!

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Tam-Tam Café in Hoi An

Tam-Tam is the place to be in Hoi An. The brainchild of three French expats, it is historic and laid-back, serving good, familiar food. The decor is authentic local-style, with hanging bamboo lamps, a high wooden ceiling, and fantastic wooden figurines. The dinner menu, served in a separate restaurant room with checkered tablecloths, is simple -- featuring generous portions of homemade pastas, steaks, and salads -- but the food is delicious

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The Mermaid (Nhu Y) Restaurant in Hoi An

Nhu Y Restaurant in Hoi An or The Mermaid restaurant - This quiet spot in the heart of downtown is an ivy-draped, unassuming storefront that serves some of the best authentic Vietnamese food in town (for next to nothing). If you like what you eat, stick around and take a cooking class in the large adjoining kitchen that’s open to the stree

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The White Lantern Restaurant in Hoi An

This is a very popular tour group stop, so try to get there early (or late); if you see buses parked out front, head for the hills. Everyone’s here for good reason, though: delicious, affordable Vietnamese cuisine and a mellow atmosphere. Strumming guitarists roam the tables playing old Beatles melodies and some nice local numbers

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Wan Lu Restaurant in Hoi An

Wan Lu Restaurant in Hoi An. Pull up a chair and try the special, cao lau, a thick but tender white noodle in light soy with fresh vegetables, garnish, and croutons. This is where the locals eat it, and if it’s not your cup of tea, then you’re out only 6,000 VND (about 40¢). It’s an open-air place, and the atmosphere is a little rough, but they serve a nice selection of local favorites, too, all for next to nothing.

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Thuy Tien Restaurant Hue

Hue, the imperial city complex of Vietnam attracts a multitude of tourists every day, and there are an amazing range of hotels that serve traditional as well as international food. One of the places that serves some great food, as well as has an amazing ambience to boost is the Thuy Tien Restaurant, Hue.

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